Danny Jonokuchi & The Revisionists

...has been invited to appear at our 2021 festival but has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

The five members of The Revisionists pose in front of a 1940s train car.

The Revisionists are a 7-piece swing band lead by Danny Jonokuchi.  Based in New York City, they perform swing dance music for the Lindy Hop community in NYC and abroad. They have filled the dance floor at many NYC venues including the NY Transit Museum, Swing 46, Hudson Yards, Brooklyn Swings, The Swing Remix, the historic Abyssinian Church, You Should Be Dancing, and The Django. They also performed at the Guggenheim Museum’s 60th Anniversary. The band performs at Lindy Hop events and have played at the Penn Intercollegiate Lindy Exchange and The Subway Swing Festival. Members of The Revisionists have traveled the globe to play at international Lindy Hop events including  Snowball (Sweden) and Jeju Swing Camp (South Korea), Swing Out New Hampshire and Beantown. “Soon I expect them to conquer the world” – Joe Bebco