David Bromberg Quintet

...is confirmed for our 2021 festival!

David Bromberg, photographed in profile, grinning, against a stone building wall.

Touring at the back end of his 2016 release, The Blues, the Whole Blues and Nothing But the Blues (Red House Records), Bromberg and his band tap into the quintessentially American genre, which also had a profound influence on the Philadelphia native. But expect familiar licks from country, folk, jazz and a variety of other types of music when he appears at the Susquehanna Folk Festival.

For David Bromberg, it all began with the blues. His incredible journey spans five-and-a-half decades, and includes – but is not limited to – adventures with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, and music and life lessons from seminal blues guitarist Reverend Gary Davis, who claimed the young Bromberg as a son. A musician’s musician, Bromberg’s mastery of several stringed instruments (guitar, fiddle, Dobro, mandolin), and multiple styles is legendary, leading Dr. John to declare him an American icon. In producing John Hartford’s hugely influential Aereo-Plain LP, Bromberg even co-invented a genre: Newgrass.

Besides Bromberg on guitar, fiddle, dobro and mandolin, the Quintet includes Mark Cosgrove (guitar, mandolin, fiddle), Nate Grower (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Josh Kanushky (drums and vocals) and Suavek Zaniesienko on bass.