Food & Drinks

A mother and young boy enjoy a snack at the 2018 festival

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Randy Flaum

Grab a bite at one of the festival eateries:
(This is the 2019 festival menu.)


Lodge, main floor* (patio entrance) — 11am - 9pm Saturday, 11am - 6pm Sunday

Personal pizzas, chicken tenders, fried zucchini, cheeseburger, black bean burger, chicken or veggie quesadilla, salad bowl or make-your-own wrap, soda, water, snacks.


Lodge, ground floor* — 9:30am - 4:30pm Saturday & Sunday

Cinnamon buns, bagels, soft pretzels, breakfast wrap, gourmet grilled cheese w/bacon & tomato, open faced spinach pizza sandwich, tomato bisque, granola bars, cookies, and Starbucks coffee.


On the Patio — 6:30 - 10pm Friday, noon-midnight Saturday, noon to 7:30pm Sunday

Tacos (pulled pork or veggie) or smoked sausage sandwich, local wine & draft beers, soda, water, snacks.


Cold, filtered water is available near the Food Court on the main floor of the lodge. Please bring a water bottle. Bottled water will also be sold.

Craft beer and wine from local wineries will be available for purchase on the Patio.

Yes, you can bring a cooler with food and drink. All coolers will be checked at the main gate as a safety precaution. Please: no alcohol, no glass containers.


* The Lodge is built into the hillside and has three floors.  Entering from the parking lot, you'll be on the lowest or ground floor.  Entering from the Patio, you'll be on the main or middle floor.  The uppermost floor is for performers only.