The Give and Take Jugglers

A young woman doing an aerial act, some 20 feet above the ground. She is hanging head-down, legs spread parallel to the ground, and suspended from strips of scarlet cloth wrapped around her legs. She is lit against a dramatically dark cloudy sky.

Give & Take has been a consistent hit with both children and adults for over 40 years! Their highly interactive, comedic shows use traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and music to create a lively and wholesome performance that feels fresh and contemporary. At the festival the troupe will present The Little Circus, a self contained 45 minute show featuring aerial fabric, trapeze, juggling, and tight wire. The show is infused with the warmth, humor, and audience participation for which Give & Take is known. Also, get ready to learn to juggle and to visit the Give & Take Balance Playground to try some hard-to-stay-on-your-feet tricks!