Just Announced: NERFA Presents Young Folk at 2018 Susquehanna Folk Festival

JUST ANNOUNCED - The Young Folk Concert at the Susquehanna Folk Festival on Sunday, July 29th at 11am, featuring Quentin Callewaert and Twisted Pine with opening act, Buffalo Mountain Bluegrass Band.  These acts are part of special program sponsored by the North East Regional Folk Alliance.

Quentin Callewaert

Classically trained, Quentin’s interest in fingerstyle acoustic guitar was inspired by Doc Watson, Merle Travis and Tommy Emmanuel. He is also a gifted singer with a refreshingly bluesy voice that complements his blend of Americana, gospel and bluegrass.


Twisted Pine

Full of energy and surprise, wit and subtlety, Twisted Pine has quickly become one of the most acclaimed young string bands in the Northeast. Audiences across the US and UK have been drawn to their forthright songwriting, lush harmonies, musical daring, and “charismatic appeal,” to quote Grammy-winner Alison Brown.


Buffalo Mountain Bluegrass Band

Opening for Quentin Callewaert and Twisted Pine will be central PA’s own Buffalo Mountain Bluegrass Band. This young brother and sister duo, consisting of Autumn and Canyon Moore, play a variety of acoustic styles on guitar and fiddle and have been performing together since 2008.



NERFA's purpose is to expose audiences to some of the nation’s finest young acoustic musicians. Our festival was chosen to participate and invited to select from a vetted list of performers who are regularly sent to festivals all across the United States and Canada.