Liars Contest Finalists Announced

We are not making this up: a stageful of storytellers will be pulling legs and stretching truths on Sunday afternoon, July 28 at the Susquehanna Folk Festival. Each of them will have 7 minutes onstage to tell a humorous, family-friendly story to our audience and our panel of expert judges.  The top three liars will walk away with cash prizes!

So: who'll be lying to you?

Jane Dorfman gestures with both hands as she tells a story.

Jane Dorfman lives in Bethesda, Maryland. She has recently started lying and says that she finds it “very freeing.” Jane likes to tell traditional, personal, and Celtic stories. Jane performs at festivals and libraries, anywhere she is invited, including once at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission!

Gary Lloyd smiles for the camera.

Gary Lloyd lives in Ashburn, Virginia. He figures that over the last 21 years he has told stories to more than 1.2 million listeners in hundreds of venues. Gary loves to mix fact and fiction so his audiences are both educated and entertained. Gary says, “Mom and Dad tried to teach me not to lie... but they failed.”

Gary Buchanan grins nervously and holds up both hands with fingers crossed.

Gary Buchanan lives in Creston, West Virginia. He has participated in Liars Contests not only in West Virginia, but Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia. Gary often receives “Top Liar” when he competes, with occasional second or third place finishes. He has received a People’s Choice Award.

Robin Moore smiles for the camera.

Robin Moore lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Since 1981 Robin has made his living as an author and storyteller, specializing in Pennsylvania folklore and oral traditions. He has written more than a dozen books, presented over 5,000 storytelling programs and claims over one million listeners. Robin serves on the faculty of The Graduate Institute.

Robin Reichert smiles for the camera.

Robin Reichert lives in Erwinna, Pennsylvania. She is a lifelong storyteller, writer, speaker, and lover of tall tales. Robin enjoys performing her captivating folktales and personal stories with the Lehigh Valley (PA) Storytelling Guild. She has published two books and a storytelling CD. Robin is a featured teller on public radio WDIY’s “In the Tradition”.

Jessica Robinson, with a microphone.

Jessica Robinson lives in Fairfax, Virginia. She began performing for audiences in 2007. Jessica now leads storytelling workshops for individuals and groups. She is co-author of the anthology “Roar: True Tales or Women Warriors,” and writes under the pen name “J.P. Robinson”. She performs her one-woman show at assorted venues.

Carl Rohr smiles for the camera.

Carl Rohr lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania. With three sisters and a love of fishing, he learned at an early age that good stories and lying go hand-in-hand. He enjoys both listening to and telling stories. Having lived in several states and traveled around the country, Carl has learned that a good story will bring the teller good returns. He wishes us all: May a good story always be with you!

Sandy Schuman smiles for the camera.

Sandy Schuman lives in Albany, New York. He considers himself a storyteller, musician, and educator. Sandy chooses stories about songs and songwriters, personal adventures, historical sagas, folk tales, and stories in the Jewish storytelling tradition.

Spike Spilker points to his right with his thumb while telling a story.

Spike Spilker lives in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. He discovered storytelling in 1991 and got in on the ground floor in the new Susquehanna Storytellers Guild. He has told in the Untitled Harrisburg story slams several times. A habitual truth-teller, Spike will be going out of his comfort zone for this show.

Debra Takach and a sea lion mug for the camera - both are sticking out their tongues.

Debra Takach lives in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. A retired teacher, she volunteers her time for various events and community activities. She is a member of the Susquehanna Story Telling Guild and has been telling stories for 20 years.